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Picadoras de carne

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food processorfood processor
USD $ 9.20 - 9.20
>=1000 piece
 Molinillo multifunción Molinillo multifunción
USD $ 12.00 - 12.00
>=500 piece
About Meat Grinders
With the right meat mincer you can turn beef, pork, lamb, fish and even vegetables into mince and stuffing for pies, sausages, and patties. These essential tools feed raw materials through grinding plates which break it up into continuous strands. The size of the holes in these plates can vary, and you can find specialist meat grinders as well, but the basic design of a meat mincer is very simple. Mincers vary in terms of size, and you'll find the whole spectrum of sizes at's food processing store. Our wholesale meat mincer range includes smaller table-top designs that feature hand cranks or electric motors. They are compact enough to fit onto work surfaces in everyday kitchens or commercial settings, making it easier to create gourmet burgers or home-made sausages. Alternatively, there are larger meat grinders models which are optimized for large-scale commercial applications. Anyone who wants to make foodstuffs for a wider market will benefit from these grinder models, which feature large inlets and can process far more meat per minute than small models. features manual and automatic meat grinders models, letting you choose a model that's ideally suited to your workplace or kitchen. Manual models tend to be simpler and more labor intensive, but are easier to clean, while a fully electric meat mincer will deliver faster grinding almost every time. Our mincers come from leading Chinese companies and the selection is extremely diverse. Filter by power rating, price, size, and many other key specifications, and take advantage of wholesale pricing. Whether you need a compact mincer or a meat grinders for industrial applications, there's no easier way to find the right solution for your food processing operation.